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East Angelean Echoes and Transatlantic Tempos... Little Boots' Working Girl Promo Tour, Live at The Echo

The Siren: Victoria "Little Boots" Hesketh The Sound: Synthpop, nu-disco, deep house, electro house... mercurial melange of old and new The Scene: East Angelean echoes, deep bass, dark clothes, dim lighting, disco flying, summer swelter, low-key shelter, electronic dance shows, less wubba wubba, more water cooler... minimalist staging, maximalist s[...]

Mood Ring: Rob Milton

As an artist, music journalist, and all around connoisseur of sound, Rob Milton is always here for honoring the creatives who have helped shape his style and sound in his own words.

Mood Ring: We Are Mortals

WE ARE MORTALS® is an evolutionary gender-free urban streetwear brand. We call ourselves MORTALS because we are the ones who understand the brevity of human life and the need to live it fully and limitlessly. We also believe that as MORTALS, we're all equal. That is why we created our brand around this idea of a future in which we wear our personalities[...]

Meet Post POPcalyptic Artist Sage Guillory

Sage Guillory is a transformative artist from Atlanta, GA. As a child, Guillory doodled on everything he could get his hands on. While other kids were heavily focused in school, he was not. His drawings allowed for him to escape his reality. Over the years he has developed a distinct style of art, which stems from his overactive childlike imagination. He att[...]


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Kayla Alexander's Real Life Portrait

Pain and Pleasure, Pleasure and Pain Beauty in Liberation, Culture in Adaptation Passion, precious Creation, alive Piece by piece, One man at a time Extremism extracts down to the core Truth expressed by less, acquiesced by more Atlanta-based artist Kayla Alexander lives in photographic terms. As if her eyes boasted the frame of a pinhole camera a[...]

Everywhere I go, I see the same Homo Riot

Art should follow the example of crime. The glamour that surrounds the criminal would evaporate were he to become visible... -Jean Cocteau, 1951 The genesis for Los Angeles based street artist HOMO RIOT came out of the anger the artist felt after Prop 8 passed. "I wanted to fuck shit up, I wanted to give the Mormons and the homophobes and the republicans e[...]

Hide your dictators, kill your idols...

Pete Kirill's North Korea oil series investigates the relationship between communism and capitalism by representing both ideologies on canvas. The Miami based neo-pop artist highlights the parallels between dictator worship and celebrity idolization, anchored by the physical gestures of the enigmatic, iron-fisted North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. Kirill's w[...]

Masked Somewhere Underneath This Monstrosity Of A Title Is Your Typical Tortured Artist

Oskar Brent Lawrence Malone. The four names named boy. Masked somewhere underneath this monstrosity of a title is your typical tortured artist, living in a damned state of puzzlement and isolation that can only truly be escaped through the execution of artwork. Primarily focusing on photography, Malone captures his idealistic reality with overlying shade[...]