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Fall 2014: My Five Most Anticipated Albums

Here are five albums coming out soon that I’m dying to hear.   1) Stars – “No One is Lost” – October 14 In 2005, Stars, a little band from Canada, released an album called Set Yourself on Fire, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Stars is my go to band to listen to when I’m driving home on a cool evening with the windows down. Here’s the first single [...]

Papercunt Is Tired Of The Sexist Shit

Papercunt is currently working on a collection of analog collages from a self-described feminist point of view. According to the Sthlm based artist she is "tired of the sexist shit that's in the magazines... photos often taken by men, depicting women as objects. It's time to reclaim the female portrait." Take a closer look at some of our favorite works from[...]

Pierre-Paul Pariseau, Unintentionally Pop

  Somewhere in the ease and quietude of Montréal, a humble artist sits in the pale-blue light of a computer screen, creating. That humble artist is Pierre-Paul Pariseau and his creations are surreal collages, simultaneously dark and colorful, humorous and compunction. His stark, cartoon-ish juxtapositions may excite, enthrall, confound, offend, inspir[...]


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Pixels versus the Perfect Imagery

Mathieu St-Pierre is a Canadian artist who focuses on visual artifacts created by various computer programs and from the more traditional analog video signals. The consequence of those imperfections and corrupted files are his landscapes and narrative images (stills). Also, having a film background helps him to compose with emerging medias and explore new [...]

Public Displays of Intimacy

“Within every being, there is an undeniable desire and insatiable appreciation for self-expression. It is only natural that we are inspired by each other.” –Fang Ling Lee One cannot deny the astronomical impact that technological advancements have had on the way we communicate with one another. Being social has never been easier, or more addictive. Friends,[...]

Art and Aesthetic Aces: Scott G. Brooks Finds Beauty in the Grotesque

Scott G Brooks lives and works in Washington, DC. His subject matter ranges from simple portraiture to intricate narratives. In his paintings, he takes social, psychological, and political issues and injects them with a dark sense of humor. Anatomical distortions separate the figures from the photographic ideal, which gives him the freedom to create his [...]

Drapery, Battle Axes & Giambologna, The Many Powerful Individuals That Surround Christopher Lucania

Christopher Lucania is a young, passionate, self-taught artist who works primarily with mixed media on canvas. His work is void of personal meaning, rather he focuses on the emotional contrast of victory, redemption, and hope despite tragedy, judgement, and ultimate annihilation. Working from his 15 years experience as a graphic designer, Christop[...]

Joseph Loughborough's "The Anatomy of Strangers"

When the city's full of people who you just see around, there's the art of Joseph Loughborough. The following charcoal works on paper are taken from Joseph's recent exhibition at Future Tense Gallery in London, entitled The Anatomy of Strangers. “There's an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It's when you meet the same people or visit places, a[...]