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The Light of a Different Sun (for television critics)

A flower is its petals bent toward the sun, and what is a man but his self bent through a window toward the sun, even when that sun is absent, even when it refuses to rise? He stood there shirtless before the window and wondered, and he felt himself empty for thinking such a thing, and he wondered if wondering such a thing was like touching that darkness [...]

Lyrically Speaking: "Yours and Mine" - Beyonce

yours and mine i sometimes wish i could just be anonymous and just walk down a street just like everyone else. before i was famous, i was the girl on the hill with the guitar. i was the girl that just wanted a beautiful view of the beach. and now that I’m famous it’s really really difficult to do very simple things. i think it’s the hardest thing to give [...]

Perfect Nonsense

You sit on your couch while looking out of a window that is as big as your dreams and fears. And think when will it all make perfect sense. You think, reasonably, maybe it’ll never make sense. Maybe, this world is meant to make perfect nonsense. The concrete buildings that used to excite you in this big city of yours now bore you, and you fixate your eyes o[...]

Lyrically Speaking: Madonna "Illumanti"

Good music speaks volumes… rather than impose analysis, step back and expose linguistic artistry… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking.   It's not Jay Z and Beyonce It's not Nicki or Lil Wayne It's not Oprah and Obama The Pope or Rihanna Queen [...]

Serving With Slaysia, Ep. 3

Asia… Asia, Asia: Asia. Is a very real thing. And reality will deal. In increasing measure. Well into the forseeable future. Asia is a Hollywood Renaissance. Black, Female, French, Bulldog. Serving for the stars. Slaying for life. Sitting sideways. Shading moonlight. Asia didn’t sign up for this, but — as a wise man once said: you don’t sign up for what you’[...]

Mood Ring: Marquis Phifer

In his own words, #nowplaying the soundtrack to Founder of Provision NYC, Marquis Phifer's life.   "(M)elodies From Heaven" - Kirk Franklin & The Family ​I chose this song because​ we live in a culture where needing people's validation becomes more important than having God's anointing, and you'll sell yourself short. We hear so many ot[...]

The LowFiRe: au revoir artRAVE

The LowFiRe – the Low Fidelity Reverberation… a vantage from the ground floor, amplification of the static noise, echoes and bellows from below. It's always Paris with Pop stars... words just don't anymore with this one... so i dug a bit through the crates and dusted off an hd deep tech haus disco d[...]

Madonna on Basquiat and Haring

In a recent interview with Interview Magazine, no pun intended, Madonna talks her relationship with Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and other artists of her early New York days. "They were incredibly dedicated to their work. I mean, Basquiat was my boyfriend for a while, and I remember getting up in the middle of the night and he wouldn't be in bed lying[...]


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ABCNT: About As Acerbic As A Backhand Bitchslap To Your Political Point Of View

In the heyday of rap and hip-hop, when what artists said, sang and did actually meant something, actually fueled real fire, a local from Los Angeles was tagging street corners in wiry stencil lettering. Almost two decades later, he’s a loud voice in the world of street art. You may not know his face (few people do; it’s a heavily protected secret), but y[...]

Justin Blyth Has An Exotic Heart

Justin Blyth has been working in design, motion graphics, print, advertising, art direction and film for the good part of 10 years. It's no wonder the Los Angeles born, Amsterdam based designer's style is so strong, even when bouncing from clients as diverse as Nike, Playstation, and Flaunt Magazine, he still manages to maintain his signature aesthetic.  [...]

Art and Aesthetic Aces: Brendan Monroe's Observations of Light and Matter

Through a series of paintings and sculptures, Brendan Monroe tells a story of a world filled with unique personalities and imaginary organisms. For his first solo exhibition in Toronto at Cooper Call Gallery, Brendan cultivates a taste for scientific challenges, relationships to math, the properties in physics, and the surreal. His dream-like scenes over[...]

Hugh Leeman had to kill a bird for this

Epilogue is a fully immersive art installation created by Hugh Leeman, Eddie Colla, and D Young V in downtown Los Angeles. It opened September 8 at Hold Up Art Gallery. "Icarus and the Dream", 22" x 30" sculpture, bird wings and skull, chains, locks, and magic leather chest The show's processes and concept have been inspired by America's gun lo[...]