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Nick Thomm's "Tropic Glows" Opens Nov 6

New York based, Australian artist, Nick Thomm delivers his first New York solo exhibition, "Tropic Glows," on November 6.   Taking over a two story space in the Lower East Side, the artist – lauded for his signature new media style – will present a new collection of large scale, mixed media works on transparent Perspex, kaleidoscopic neon silk f[...]

Cara Sticker Pens Open Letter To Richard Prince

Cara Sticker took to the Notes app on her iPhone to pen this dead on open letter to Richard Prince. The artist was initially surprised to find an image she posted on Instagram, became the fodder for a piece by the ever controversial artist in his new series and found it's way to the walls of the Gagosian Gallery in New York as a part of his "New Portraits" e[...]

Serving With Slaysia: Ep. 2

Asia… Asia, Asia: Asia. Is a very real thing. And reality will deal. In increasing measure. Well into the forseeable future. Asia is a Hollywood Renaissance. Black, Female, French, Bulldog. Serving for the stars. Slaying for life. Sitting sideways. Shading moonlight. Asia didn’t sign up for this, but — as a wise man once said: you don’t sign up for what you’[...]

Beauty Rots

  In this strange place, ants eat cigarette buds to stay alive, instead of rotted fruit. What a cruel sanctuary we’ve made for ourselves. I respect these critters because they adapt with no complaints, they just figure it out and crawl. I see these ants eating cigarettes on my way back and forth from work each day. Even today, when my route has c[...]

Britney Tweets 2007: Ep. 2

because if ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no betta work for tinker’s hands, because pink wigs birthed millennial whiplash, because it’s the rhyme behind seasonal reason, because you’re not B and will never see it her way… because Britney didn’t have Twitter in 2007, because the traphaus was birthed in the wake of Kevin, because Miss S[...]


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Made in Iran

I found these images of NYC based, Iranian street artists Icy and Sot's debut exhibition Made In Iran. Hailing from the city of Tabriz in North West Iran, brothers Icy and Sot continued on their creative crusade to traverse pre-conceived perceptions of traditional Iranian art’s brevity through their highly intricate yet striking stencil artworks that peopled[...]

Preview GREATeclectic's "Run, Riot!" before it opens this Friday

Betti Ono’s first anniversary show “Run, Riot!” by Miami based artist Kendrick “GREATEclectic” Daye debuts Friday, September 7, 2012. Showcasing Daye’s mixed media pop art style the show embodies the playful yet innovative spirit of Betti Ono gallery. Daye’s vibrant and explosive work produces a lush landscape of social commentary, blending the familiar w[...]

Let Me Set The TONE

UK based urban pulp iconographer and Art Nouveau cover artist TONE kicked off his solo exhibition at Dock St Market recently (Nov 1). He was kind enough to give us a few words about his bright and graphic inspired works of art. Art Nouveau: You go by the name TONE, tell me about the origins of the name? TONE: Basically as my name is Anthony/Tony i need[...]

Masked Somewhere Underneath This Monstrosity Of A Title Is Your Typical Tortured Artist

Oskar Brent Lawrence Malone. The four names named boy. Masked somewhere underneath this monstrosity of a title is your typical tortured artist, living in a damned state of puzzlement and isolation that can only truly be escaped through the execution of artwork. Primarily focusing on photography, Malone captures his idealistic reality with overlying shade[...]

Art and Aesthetic Aces: Stephen Cefalo's allegorical stew of personal narratives

Stephen Cefalo was born in the hometown of Albrecht Dürer on the birthday of Winslow Homer, Charles Le Brun, and Franz Von Stuck, so he already had his work cut out for him. Admittedly, Stephen had trouble in school, but found comfort in drawing and was enchanted by the lonesome moans of the barges at night.  During his undergraduate studies at th[...]

Notre Chauvet Fuse Renaissance and Pop Art

There's nothing new under the sun. That statement rings true, especially in creative endeavors. In my opinion, the best work is that which combines unique things from the past to create an uncanny, new thing. That's why I love the work of Notre Chauvet. These Melbourne based artists focus on combining a renaissance / pop art fusion with a contemporary disco[...]

A look at Dimitris Polychroniadis' "Home Sweet Home" installation in Greece

Home is where the art is. Greek artist Dimitris Polychroniadis' latest installation "Home Sweet Home" is an ode to his birthplace of Thessaloniki, Greece. The installation is comprised of two parts: Mixed media diorama sculpture 50cm X 50cm X 65cm (h) and a life-size sign comprized of a steel and timber structure, plywood, acrylic colour and spotlights with [...]