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Todd Strong's Test Culture

When humans leave this world, their machines stay behind. Self-automated and lonely, our savvy robots begin to experiment—tearing, digging, sowing, yielding, pumping, splashing, boiling. This is an imagined glimpse at their post-apocalyptic re-creation. - Todd Strong "Test Culture"   The adorable and altogether benignly curious, as Sianne Ngai de[...]

On the curious case of celebrity and contemporary culture…

  Celebrity serves the purpose of highlighting otherwise opaque social relations, conflicts, concerns, and realities. That which is the fueling, seemingly banal, everyday existence of the masses doesn’t manifest itself into anything of social significance, until an icon framed to represent and vividly portray the beautiful burden of an attributed demo[...]

Artists! Submit Your Work To Art Nouveau

  We're going to try something new with how we accept submissions. Please share your work for Art Nouveau here. The comments have the option to attach images, so please be sure to post an image with the link to your work. Be sure to read these before posting. Submission Guidelines: 1. If you see work that you like, upvote it so it appears close t[...]

How To Avoid Whitesplaining Ferguson: Quiet Down and Listen Up

I was going to write about what Ferguson means for America, but I decided not to because I’ve seen too many white writers try to make Ferguson about their own experience. I don’t know what Ferguson means for America because I’m white, and I don’t think a white person can fully understand what it’s like to be  black in America. Our privilege and ignorance li[...]


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Art & Aesthetic Aces

Art and Aesthetic Aces: New Oil Paintings From UK Based Painter George-Morton Clark

After being away, moving into a new flat and studio UK based painter George-Morton Clark has finally got down to some painting. And from the looks of these new oil paintings George sent over to us, he's up to his same magical tricks. The twist is the shards of an evolved style which now plays off a collage like style he achieves through brushstrokes. [...]

Art and Aesthetic Aces: Pakayla Biehn Paints the Line Between Realism & Abstraction

Double exposures have been a staple for inspired photographers. Painter Pakayla Biehn, turns the concept on it's ass in her latest series of paintings that mimics the photography technique. Continuing the double image theme begun in her previous work Pakayla revisits the cognitive distinction between realism and abstraction, utilizing the suggest[...]