Preview Greg Gossel’s Latest Show “Paper” Before It Opens Tonight At Together Gallery

Issue 4 cover artist Greg Gossel is unstoppable. In his latest exhibition at Together Gallery in Portland, OR, the aptly titled Paper, Minneapolis based artist the artist presents 24 new mixed-media works in his now iconic style which includes a bevy of techniques and styles.

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Amy Amy Amy

We knew she was trouble, we knew she was absolutely no good when she slurred and stumbled into our hearts. She spit on fans, got into bar fights, a well-documented romance that made Bobby and Whitney look like Obama and Michelle, she had an undeniable drug and alcohol addiction, yet she still shimmied her way into our hearts. With 1950’s style mini-dresses and a beehive hair-do that seemed to be designed by God himself, Amy Winehouse was a train-wreck, but we still let her sing her way into our consciousness, be the soundtracks to love’s epiphanies and heartbreaks.

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After Only Three Public Shows, PaperFrank Is Literally On The Cusp Of Explosion

My assistant Rico and I are downtown this morning in Atlanta’s original commercial district, the historic Farlie Poplar. We are here to meet an already fairly popular up-and-comer in the ever-burgeoning ATL art scene, PaperFrank. After only three public shows, this 20-year-old visual artist is literally on the cusp of explosion.

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The Recession Of Imagination and Drive

Money drove me crazy, more than anything else. When I had it, I go crazy. When I didn’t have it, I go crazy. There’s no middle ground on how to make sure the green stuff doesn’t fuck with my head and leave me wanting more and in a cold-sweat when I don’t posses as much as I want.

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Dee & Ricky Host The Next Installment Of #CreativeCurating

At 12thDisciples, we’re always looking for an excuse to party. What better excuse then bringing Dee&Ricky, celebrity designer duo that have collaborated with Marc Jacobs, G-Shock, Kanye West and more to the city of Atlanta to host the #CreativeCurating show.

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Art & Aesthetic Ace, Alex Daw’s Incomprehensibility Is What Makes Him Outspoken

A writer lives somewhere within his loud and heavy conscience, attempting to filter out his purified thoughts and leave all others inside to reside. And really, there is no better high than the rare occasion of easily doing so. Still, his need to transfer thought and feeling in a most profound manner and overcome perfectionism is, realistically, his job title. And thus presents the ground of which inspired my preceding subject, British-bred artist Alex Daw.

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You Know The Frivolous Stuff

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I’m not too impressed with bubbling artists. Throughout my day, I hear great noise and see greater visuals. Those don’t faze me. I’m a slave to the art form of the popular. I haven’t been impressed with the under- ground since it was made of velvet. See, to go pop is take your art and hard work and turn it into a platform that doesn’t just speak to the people that are easily marketed to with said product, but to speak and effect everyone despite upbringings, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. You know the frivolous stuff. It’s what makes suburban privileged white kids show up at your favorite rapper’s concert, it’s what makes kids in Compton love heavy metal. It’s the art of being universal, not by the conform- ing but by encompassing whatever it is you represent.

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Olka Osadzinsky Lures Audiences With The Forbidden Fruits Of Sex, Money & Youth


Sex, Money, and Youth; Wouldn’t it be oh-so-great to have them all?

Let’s be honest. We have all found ourselves fiending for one or the other at some point in time; yet, the conjoinment of all three is where our lust truly lies. The craving, so intense and deadly, has left us cursed with its eternal sedation. Be as it may, this mix-in its totality-is to what we forever hold our peace, or in fact, commit ourselves. With that being said, we guilty of the latter have found our match: Olka Osadzinska.

Ms. O. is a young Polish artist who, judging by her art, has cleverly lured in an audience with the forbidden fruits of Sex, Money, and Youth. Each piece oozes of one, if not all, of the three. So boldly does she depict them, whether it be through a face of a beautiful woman or the eye of a snarling tiger.

Osadzinska is young, talented, and not to mention, in possession of a resume globally envied. Despite her professional versatility in various collaborations, from Hugo Boss to Reebok to Paramount Pictures, the artist always maintains her stylistic sense of self: the glamorous, feminine, fearless self that embraces the aesthetics of life at its finest- forbidden or not. Osadzinska projects visually stimulating illustrations, irresistible to all willing to feast. And for this, we find her irresistible.

Alas, our time has come. Go ahead, indulge yourselves in Olka Osadzinska’s world.


Screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-12.25.59-PM_2048 Screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-12.26.19-PM_2048 Screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-12.26.33-PM_2048 Screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-12.26.40-PM_2048 Screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-12.28.57-PM_2048 Screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-12.29.06-PM_2048 Screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-12.26.49-PM_2048 Screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-12.29.24-PM_2048 Screen-shot-2014-06-10-at-12.28.41-PM_2048

Bye… Miss American Pie?

Welp… this, is… bleak; that said… just dance – gonna be okay

It’s like… when the Bayou Brady Bunch subbed out their Sunday Best Sears photo-op for a blurred backstage glimpse into when what could have been wasn’t, when what you shudder to recall overshadowed what should have been, and what is translates into: “Listen, we all we got.” #thatandsilvermoonboots


Modern American Pie

  • One Part Armchair Quarterbacking Momager and Conservator (Once Divorced)
  • Three Parts Single Mother (All the single mothers, all the single mothers… If you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it; instead you lived it, learned it, lamented it – now put your Luvs up!)
  • One Part Single Grandmother, One Part Single Mother (Twice Married, Once Divorced, Once Annulled, Partial Highschool Education), One Part Single Mother (Under 21)
  • Three Parts America’s Most Wanted #inthemilliondollarbabysense … (Jayden James, Sean Preston, and Maddie: three the hard way – because we’re the kids in America #ayo #uhoh)
  • All parts when Children of the Corn got Caught in the American Starry-Eyed Surprise… #shockandawful
  • No matter how you slice it… make sure you get served.

Bye, bye… miss American Pie, yet?

She’s *so* Lucky…


A Few PBRs, Joint Passes & Laughs At CMYK Show At the Basement

As a child, I always loved stories. My favorite ones were the ones like “The Wizard of Oz” or “Alice In Wonderland”. A child escaping her humdrum town and landing in a magical world of the bizarre and mystifying all while having the absolute time of their lives with some seedy and unique characters. Fadia Kader’s CMYK show hosted by Atlanta based musician, Bosco was just that for me, except I’m not sure if Alice or Dorothy were offered PBRs during the duration of their adventures.

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